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In 1955 Cecil and Ruth Collins opened up an art shop in their small town of Waycross,

GA. Ruth had grown up in Munich, Germany and met Cecil while he was stationed there with

the U.S. military. The young American soldier and German artist fell in love, were married, and

began their family and life together. They eventually settled in Waycross with their five children.

It turned out that Ruth wasn’t the only one with the artistic talent; Cecil shared both her passion

and skill. The couple decided to pursue their creative talents further by opening their own shop

to sell art supplies, custom frames, and art lessons. They named their art store The Palette


Fast forward to 2021 and you will find Emma’s art studio, The Palette Shop, an homage

to her grandparents’ original store, located on Amelia Island. Ruth and Cecil, being Emma’s

paternal grandparents, played a crucial role in shaping her into the artist she is today,

specifically her grandmother, Ruth. Emma was taught how to hold a paintbrush before she was

taught how to hold a pen. It was evident early on that Emma had inherited these strong artistic

genes. She learned to paint with oils, pastels, watercolors, and acrylics as she watched her

grandmother through the years. She quickly came into her own as an artist, mixing her own

style with the techniques and skills she had been taught by Ruth.

Emma continued painting through highschool, college, and her young professional life

mainly as a beloved hobby. After much interest in a collection of beach inspired paintings, she

began to sell pieces here and there. Word of mouth carried Emma’s paintings across the states.

People were wanting to buy her work and so her beloved hobby morphed into a vision of

something more. This vision has come to fruition through her own Palette Shop, where you can

not only see her beautiful works of art, but her love for family, creativity, and cultivating

relationships. The Palette Shop on Amelia Island showcases Emma’s art and will also be

hosting regular paint parties and private lessons.

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